Terms and definitions

NECK BADGE A decoration worn around the neck.
ORDER OF PRECEDENCE A list of decorations in the order of precedence applicable when wearing insignia. The list was confirmed in 1958 by the Grand Master and has since been added to.
COMMANDER A class of decorations worn around the neck; Commander First Class also includes a star worn on the chest.
DIPLOMA Every decoration includes a diploma stating that the recipient is entitled to wear the decoration in question. The diploma gives the recipient’s name and title.
ROSETTE A round rosette in the colour of the Order’s ribbon. A demi-barrette under the rosette indicates the class, from Grand Cross to Commander (see DESIGNATION).
RIBBON BAR Decoration ribbon attached to a bar 10 mm high and worn on a military or other uniform.
DESIGNATION A rosette, ribbon bow or 3 mm wide ribbon worn with civilian attire in place of full-size decorations and miniatures. Worn on the left lapel at events at which decorations are not used.
MINIATURE A reduced size edition of the full-size decoration. In Finland, the size of miniatures is about 40 per cent of that of the full-size decorations.
GRAND CROSS The highest class of decoration, worn on a sash running from the right shoulder to the left hip; a star is also included.
MOTION The Chapter of the Orders may put forward a motion concerning the conferral of a decoration, without the need for a proposal (see PROPOSAL).
PROPOSAL A proposal for conferring a decoration is submitted to the Chapter of the Orders by a member of the Government, the Chancellor of Justice, the Speaker of Parliament or the Chief of Defence.
CHANCELLOR Chairs the discussion in the Chapter of the Orders in the absence of the Grand Master, and presents to the Grand Master proposals and motions concerning the conferral of decorations.
GRAND MASTER Only the Grand Master has the right to confer decorations of the Orders. The President of the Republic of Finland is the Grand Master of the Orders of the White Rose of Finland and the Lion of Finland. The Grand Mastership of the Order of the Cross of Liberty is vested in the Commander-in-Chief of the Finnish Defence Forces, that is to say the President of the Republic of Finland.
VICE CHANCELLOR In the absence of the Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor chairs the discussion in the Chapter of the Orders and presents to the Grand Master proposals or motions concerning the conferral of decorations.
SASH The broad ribbon worn with a full-size Grand Cross. For gentlemen, the sash runs over the right shoulder to the left hip. It may, alternatively, be shortened and fastened with buttons to the waistcoat below the right shoulder, from where it runs down to the left hip.  The sash is supplied in a standard length and must be adjusted according to the lower edge of the front of the tailcoat such that the bow is just below this lower edge. The sash is worn over the waistcoat when the President of the Republic of Finland is present, but is otherwise worn under the waistcoat. For ladies, the sash is narrower and is also worn from the right shoulder to the left hip.
RECIPROCITY In accordance with established international practice, decorations are conferred as a diplomatic courtesy on a reciprocal basis during state visits. The principle of reciprocity is also observed in the conferral of decorations to members of the diplomatic corps and defence  attachés accredited to Helsinki when they vacate their position after having served in this capacity for a certain period. The principle of reciprocity requires that a Finn serving abroad in corresponding duties be awarded the same class of decoration by the country concerned.
DARK SUIT In Finland, when decorations are worn with a dark suit, they must be full-size decorations and the suit must be black, dark blue or dark grey. The shirt must be white and the tie a single, restrained (such as pearl grey).