Designations and ribbon bars

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If neither the full-size decoration nor the miniature is worn, a designation may instead be worn on the left lapel or, for ladies, at the corresponding point on their garment. Depending on the class, the designation can be a rosette, a ribbon bow or a narrow ribbon. A demi-barrette under the rosette indicates the class, from Grand Cross to Commander:

Grand Crossgold
Commander First Classgold-silver

Knight First Class is indicated by a rosette. The designation for a Knight is a ribbon bow. For the Cross of Merit and the Medal, the designation is a 3 mm wide ribbon extending over the outer edge of the left lapel. The designation may also be worn with a black tie (dinner jacket) on occasions when miniatures are not worn. Only one designation may be worn at a time.

Ribbon bars are worn on the uniforms of the Finnish Defence Forces, the police, rescue departments and other similar organisations. They are attached to a brooch-bar that is 10 mm high and positioned so that its lower edge is 5 mm above the left breast pocket. The edges of the ribbons must not overlap. The centre line of the ribbon bars should be at the centre line of the breast pocket. No more than four ribbon bars side by side may be sewn on to the brooch-bar.